A crucial guide: Essentials for setting up a successful business

The first thing new business owners often feel is overwhelm, but this doesn't need to be an issue. Creative ways of managing tasks can help you spend less time on menial work and more energy exploring creative projects with potential success!

Whether you're just starting out or looking for a fresh financial perspective, this e-guide is designed to help provide clarity on the key topics that every small business owner should be aware of.


This e-guide covers details about the following topics:

  • Structure of your business
  • Mandatory registrations
  • Tax implications of employing staff
  • Your tax obligations
  • ATO Activity statements
  • Taking profit out of your business
  • Some important tax concepts
  • Other considerations of taxation

With a summary of the key topics listed above, this e-book gives readers what they need to know before starting their own company!

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