Cloud payroll system for small business


Whether you are an experienced entrepreneur or a tech industry newbie, it's no secret that the efficiency and accuracy of your payroll processing are critical for the success of any business venture.

But with so many payroll solutions available in the market today, deciding which one to choose can be daunting - especially for entrepreneurs on a budget.

Never fear! Cloud payroll management is an all in one solution that provides innovative solutions that cut costs and save time while also streamlining all of your administrative tasks.

Read on to learn more about how this technology might just be the answer to improving overall productivity of Australian businesses!

Key takeaways

Cloud-based payroll software uses cloud technology to manage employee payroll

Businesses can benefit from numerous advantages of cloud-based payroll solutions

Cloud payroll management is often more cost-efficient than traditional on-premise systems

Automated payroll systems are both effortless to configure and simple to maintain on a regular basis.

What is a cloud payroll management system and why do you need it?

Cloud payroll management systems offer innovative, and cost-effective ways to manage your company's payroll operations. From STP reporting to calculating deductions, a cloud payroll system can rapidly reduce the workload associated with processing payments.

By using such systems, businesses can benefit from the scalability and convenience of online software without the need for physical infrastructure and onsite information storage.

This type of service is essential for Australian businesses that need to keep their employees’ salaries in line with changing economic conditions as well as tax laws and other regulations.

Payroll software basically simplifies the process by eliminating redundant systems, manual processing errors, and costly overhead expenses associated with traditional payroll management systems.

In short, these payroll management systems offer the flexibility needed to make sure your business's finances are managed correctly and in compliance with all relevant laws.

How does cloud payroll management work?

Cloud payroll management works by securely storing employee data and other vital information in the cloud. This information can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, allowing for a more efficient workflow with fewer mistakes.

Using such systems also eliminates the need to manually process payroll information or use complicated software programs to store and manage employee records. Instead, all of your payroll needs can be handled from one centralized platform.

The software also allows for easy incorporation with existing information systems, optimal scalability, and secure access to confidential information like employee salaries and other vital financial details.

The HR and finance team updates the payroll and leave details. The software then processes the information and sends out pay slips, tax forms, and other important documents to the respective employees.

Once the payroll is completed, a detailed report is sent to the HR department for insight into the overall financial status of the firm. This helps in making informed decisions about employee salaries, bonuses, benefits packages, etc.

How does cloud payroll management work

Benefits of cloud payroll services

Let's take a look at some of the main benefits that modern payroll services can offer to your business.

  • Upfront cost savings

    Moving to a cloud-based payroll software can bring huge savings in cost and resources to any business, regardless of size.

    Ask any head of finance, they will surely agree that this shift removes the complexity and expense associated with maintaining, purchasing, and upgrading on-premises payroll systems, as well as eliminating capital expenditure. Yes, you will have all the employee information in just a few clicks for accurate calculation.

  • Business operations become more faster and efficient

    Businesses today understand the importance of keeping up with the times, and for many, that means investing in high-quality payroll systems.

    Although legacy systems tend to be reliable and user-friendly, they lack the flexibility and cost efficiency of modern payroll solutions.

    Moreover, these systems automate several aspects of payroll management which improves the overall efficiency of business processes by removing any possible bottlenecks.

  • Centralization of employee information

    Payroll management is much more than just computing and issuing employee pay cheques. To ensure accuracy in timely payments, it is essential to store all employee information in a centralized location right from the day of onboarding.

    Modern payroll software makes sure to keep track and manage data related to all your employees’ life cycle events such as manage leave, onboarding, salary revisions, and investment declarations from one single centralized source - eliminating any errors due to incorrect records and manual entry of information.

  • Reduced workload for staff

    By allowing employees to log in and access their records themselves, your HR staff can reduce its workload.

    This will free them up to concentrate on more strategic tasks that require their expertise, leaving mundane payroll functions to less experienced staffers or often even to the employees themselves.

  • Access real-time data from anywhere

    It is no secret that most businesses are struggling to stay up-to-date with their financial and performance information systems.

    With a payroll solution, businesses can easily view consolidated payroll costs and manage overall tax liabilities without complicated business intelligence tools or data warehouses.

  • Complex payroll processing becomes easier

    With the world quickly moving towards cloud software, HR, payroll, and finance teams can easily collaborate to ensure a successful payroll every month.

    In the past, each department stored data separately and required coordination with other departments for effective workforce management and when complex business processes had to be integrated.

    Thanks to this technology, all these teams now work together seamlessly by having access to an integrated environment that includes employee personal information, pay history, leave attendance data, and tax-related information.

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Steps involved in setting up cloud payroll services

Here are the steps that you will need to follow to ensure that you will be setting up reliable and competent cloud payroll software in place for efficient workforce management.

  • Identify the features of the payroll software that are pertinent to your business
  • Review service level agreements and other regulatory requirements to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud environment
  • Find the best providers that offer promising deliverables with respect to payroll processing, software setup/migration/integration, support services, and data encryption
  • Provide the details that are necessary to set up the payroll environment

Types of cloud payroll software/solutions available

Streamlining payroll operations can be challenging without the right tools, but leading payroll management solutions make it significantly easier. They allow for faster and more accurate completion of payroll, where wages and taxes are calculated with ease.

Through the use of payroll reports, you can monitor your performance as well as create insightful summaries from your data to plan ahead. Employee onboarding processes such as creating records of employment become much simpler with these solutions so that you can track key information for new hires.

Some of the leading payroll software for small-scale businesses include Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB, etc.

Tips for managing your company's payroll in the cloud

Check out these tips before settling for a payroll solution for your business.

  • Find the right software that suits your business's exact requirements.
  • Take proper training on the use of software so that you don't run into any hiccups while running the software
  • Ensure that the payroll management system comes with the provision to add variable pay schedules and attendance management trackers.
  • Ensure that your payroll provider can also provide you with tax information management and filing services.
  • Make sure that the software is secure and encrypted so as to protect sensitive data from cyber threats.
  • Regularly check up on records of employees in order to ensure the accuracy of payments and make sure any discrepancies are fixed quickly.
Tips for managing your company's payroll in the cloud


Cloud-based payroll systems offer many benefits for businesses of all sizes. By automating the payroll process, you can save time and money, improve accuracy and compliance, and get a better understanding of your business’s finances.

Accuratee provides reliable cloud payroll services that small business owners and employees can count on. Our payroll processing solutions are secure and ensure strict adherence to all applicable regulations.

We offer on-demand reporting with real-time updates that make tracking valuable payroll metrics effortless. The time you save by relying on our outsourced payroll processing can be channeled into other activities - streamlining operations and potentially saving money in the long run.

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