LHow do I change the directorship of the company

How do I change the directorship of the company?

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To change the directorship of a company in Australia, you will need to complete and lodge a Form 484 with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC). This form must be signed by the current company directors and provided with the required fee.

Once ASIC has processed the form, they will update the company register and issue a new Certificate of Registration. The new directors will then be able to assume their duties to receive fees for their services.

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Who is eligible to be a company director in Australia?

To be eligible to be a company director in Australia, you must be a minimum of 18 years of age and agree to take on the role and responsibilities of a director.

To be appointed as a director in an Australian company, you must also provide your signed consent in writing.

The company will keep this written agreement and update ASIC whenever key business changes occur, including new appointments with roles on board.

For more information about eligibility for company directors in Australia, please speak to one of our team today.

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Accuratee process of change of company director in 4 steps



Our experts will work with you to identify and gather the necessary documentation, including any resignations or agreements.



We will ensure that all parties involved, such as the board and shareholders, approve the change in directorship.



Our team will take care of all the required compliance steps, such as updating ASIC and filing relevant ASIC registered forms.



We will submit the final documentation to ASIC and ensure the necessary steps have been completed correctly.

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Accuratee is the perfect choice for anyone needing help with a change of directorship. There are several reasons to choose our change of directorship service. Here are a few of them

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Frequently asked questions - Change of company director

There is no set standard when it comes to the frequency with which companies in Australia can change their directors.

Some companies might hire a new director every couple of years, while others may choose to keep their existing directors for much longer.

The decision ultimately will depend on various factors, including the size and scope of the company, its business goals, and the current state of the market.

A proprietary company must have at least one director who resides in Australia.

The company must have at least two directors if it has crowd-sourced funded shareholders. In such cases, the majority of these directors must reside in Australia.

Note: It is not mandatory for a proprietary company to have a secretary. If it does, they must reside in Australia.

The public company must have at least three directors (not counting alternate directors), two of which are required to reside in Australia.

Yes, directors can be removed from their role if they have breached their legal duties or if the shareholders vote to remove them during a general meeting.

The process for removing a director depends on the company's constitution or any agreements made with shareholders. It is recommended to seek legal advice before proceeding with a director removal.

All companies must notify the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) if they cancel or issue shares. Notifications must be made within 28 days of the change occurring.

Proprietary companies must notify ASIC of changes to its share structure and details on the top 20 members.

Public companies must notify ASIC of changes to its share structure as they receive the annual statement. The deadline for publicly traded companies to notify ASIC of any changes in their share structure is 28 days after they receive the annual statement.

Companies limited by shares and guarantees who have not issued shares are not supposed to provide any details to ASIC about their share structure or members.

Transferring financial institutions are not required to provide details of members' shares to ASIC that meet the requirements set out in Reg 12.8.03.

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